About us

In modern today, convenient location and a comfortable interior for coffee shops are not sufficient to surprise visitors. Coffee is getting more and more popular and people have already started to distinguish the differences in qualities, in tastes. Moreover, good service, delicious food and warm atmosphere have always been important requirements for these kind of places. All this you can experience, see, taste, feel and experience in our coffee shop "Coffee Relax".

"Coffee Relax" in Bishkek - an elite coffee shop with a new format, with lovely interior, with friendly staff and with delicious delicacies of the European and Turkish cuisine. Each coffee, tea and fruit drink is a heartwarming piece of poetry. Each dish comes with a story. A menu of coziness, warmth, lightness and positive attitude is found here in our coffee shop. Here you can hold a business meeting, banquet or spend time with family or friends in a pleasant atmosphere. Coffee is divided into 4 areas: non-smoking room, smoking room, coffee bar and VIP room for 12 people. The total capacity of all facilities is designed for 120 people. Technically we're capable to be your next platform for your workshops, presentations and seminars. We position ourselves as a worthy place for those in search of quality, comfort and leisure.


Coffee shop “Coffee Relax” is located at Toktogul st. 140 (intersects Togolok Moldo st.). Our doors are wide open for you to experience quality time with your loved ones! Welcome in!