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Why people go to coffee shops in Bishkek?


Coffee – a place to meet and communicate, where served delicious drinks and desserts, coffee, a variety of teas, juices, soft drinks, cocktails, cakes, ice cream and coffee shops of Bishkek serve with a tasty food as well. Well, that’s obvious, but why do people visit coffee shops in Bishkek? I have friends who consider visiting coffee houses as a waste of money, whereas some do like very much visiting these houses. So, why would someone visit a coffee shop?

Let us first tell you about an interesting research;
a. According to the marketing company “Step by Step”, in August of 2005, about 27% of Muscovites, visit the coffee shops at least once a week, in St. Petersburg, this number even higher, 34%.
b. The research from Starbucks revealed that the presence of delicious coffee is not the main reason why people visit coffee houses, although it is among the five most popular answers/factors. The social factor was chosen as a very first reason why people visit such places – coffee houses have become go-to place for meeting and having nice conversations.
Analyzing the above mentioned facts, we can assert that even in countries with no coffee tradition coffee houses can gain huge popularity and Bishkek’s shops can be brought as a confirming fact.

In a modern world, coffee houses have became an integral part of life in cities, a place for business meetings and negotiations, a convenience for informal gatherings with their coziness. And it’s not a fad, but rather a norm of modern life. In addition, the consumption of coffee involves relaxing and trusting atmosphere. More and more people are preferring coffee shops for lunches to usual cafes.

In Bishkek, as well as all over the world, people visit these places to spend good time with their friends, or to throw their parties, private or corporate. We also noticed that Bishkek’s coffee houses have won the love of their visitors, not only as a place of rest, but also a place to work. Today we know that in these coffee shops often held business meetings, and freelancers come there with their laptops to work. Howard Schultz, founder of Starbucks, came up with a definition of its institutions, as a “third place”, that is, somewhere between home and work. Also among Realtors, there is a clever way for selling apartments. Before meeting a potential client, they brew a cup of fresh coffee to fill the room with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. It is believed that it helps to feel comfortable, positioned at no coercion and friendly atmosphere for the negotiation and conclusion of a contract. By the way, we would like to emphasize that our staff at coffee Relax has worked hard to ensure that their visitors can feel comfortable, so the best of everything was designed – comfortable furnitures, pleasant unostentatious interiors, free internet access, batteries for charging smartphones, special layout of the premises and an interesting menu. And of course, the name of the coffee shop “Relax” itself suggests that you can totally relax here and get the most out of the visit.